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Code like it's 1982
In the 80s, we did not have PCs, we had micro computers. The Commodore 64 is an 8 bit micro computer. What was special was that when you turned the computer on, you would enter Basic. And that was it. This made lot's of people learn to program in Basic. This emulator is trying to recreate that experience, by making Commodore Basic available in the Browser.

What can it do?
Your imagination is the only limitation. Program exactly what you want!
The output is limited to the Commodore 64 screen. But otherwise there is no limit.

Tell me more!
Basic64.JS is a javascript implementation of Commodore64 basic, that is intended to run in the browser. It looks and feels just like a Commodore 64. At first you probably think you are in an Commodore 64 Emulator. But it is not a machine emulator. It does not run machine code. It is designed to run Basic and Edit basic code, and be as good as it can, on that. It also has support for Peeks and Pokes, to emulated the VIC chip. And if you want to go a little beyond the limitations of the C64, you can enable the extention, to allow for more Basic commands.

Have fun! Give it a try, click the link! Leave a comment on Twitter if you like it or have questions.

Get started
Check out tips, documentation and the bonus downloads below.

Bonus Downloads

Download the Demo disk

The Demo disk contains various BASIC programs, you can load, run, examine and change.

- Use F9 or TAB to enter the power menu
- Use the menu settings to auto enable extended behaviour.
- Don't PANIC, just type PANIC instead :)

Wiki Documentation
Commodore Basic Command Reference (external link/c64 wiki)
BASIC64.JS Extended Commands

Run older versions
Version 0.8 - Patch 5 - WIP [read more]
Version 0.8 - Patch 4 [read more]
Version 0.8 - Patch 3 [read more]
Version 0.8 - Patch 4
Version 0.8 - Patch 3
Version 0.8 - Patch 2
Version 0.8 - Patch 1
Version 0.8
Experimental version

PETSCII Print Characters (external link/c64 wiki)
PETSCII Screen Codes 1/1(external link/c64 wiki)
PETSCII Screen Codes 1/2(external link/c64 wiki)
PETSCII Screen Codes 1/3(external link/c64 wiki)

Type-In Games (external link/vintage-basic)
Bug reports and feature requests
Source Code on Github